The Beginning

The Growth

I still remember, when I joined my father, I was 19, riding 18 kilometers with table mats and menus hooked at the back of my bicycle to be delivered to a restaurant in the heaving city of Mumbai

I still remember at 22, the day I set foot into my first manufacturing unit with a team of 4; today is a team of over 300.

I still remember, it was 1992, the first time I visited this beautiful country and this lovely city, Dubai. I simply loved it and so came our first business here. Today, we are one of the most sought after hotel supplies company here.

I still remember, 2001 the first major hotel project we clinched - Dubai's first exquisite Arabian resort. Today, we hold a majority market share here, in our range of products.

I still remember, at every stage I learnt; from this place, from the world, from the industry, from you. And I still remember that learning is an ongoing process that never stops. Success and learning go hand in hand.

I still remember every moment, every instant and every person on our journey to becoming one of the leading suppliers to the hospitality industry worldwide with close to 800 hotels in our portfolio and still growing.

Riaz Khimani
Managing Director








How We Care

" Do Good and Good will come back to you ."

This is the spiritual thought on which all ethics of humanity are based and we strongly believe and advocate this view.
“Give to the people first and the people will give back more”.
This is our business ethic that has been the backbone of our growing success, Thus with all integrity we keenly work towards our role of giving back to the nature and the society.

Rikan recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibilities

Green Rikan:

Being an ISO: 14001-2015 company we have a bigger responsibility towards mother earth. We have initiated various steps in our three manufacturing units in India by usage of environment friendly raw materials. All adhesives and glues used in leather products are free of lead, zinc or any other toxic substances. All boards, papers and plastics used in our leather products are recyclable. All dyes used in the tanning of leather are natural dyes with no toxic substances or fume emissions. Faux leather used is made of recyclable material. All metal items are made of recyclable metals like brass, steel, copper etc.

Children are the future and we have to provide a future for them.

Caring Rikan:  Besides the efforts of saving mother earth in its purest form for the children of our society, we also believe in providing care and financial stability to them. Rikan plays an important role in child education and well being. We fund primary and higher education in India and provide medical aid to children across the world through well known organizations as below.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute:  We are funding and supporting the Faris and Ahad Khimani Fund for Pediatric Research at Dana-Farber where researchers are working on finding new and better solutions to treat pediatric cancer - an effort that's bound to create a huge difference in the lives of children world wide.

Medicines Sans Frontiers, International Red Cross & Red Crescent: We provide funding to these very well known and probably the only organizations, that are the first to reach in war torn and disturbed regions to treat children, women and the needy.

Ekal Foundation: One of the leaders of education for underprivileged children aiming to build 100,000 schools across the tribal belt in India by 2015.

MESCO & Memon Education & Welfare Society: Leading organizations in child welfare & youth development in India.

Cancer & Other Life Threatening Ailments Treatment Fund: We provide funding for treatment of children with cancer or major ailments in India, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and to expats based in Dubai. 


How We Work

" Leather "

" Metal "